Detoxing in Preconception





It seems like everywhere I turn these days, someone is talking about a spring detox.  


While I think detoxes can be a great idea for getting your body ready for baby (I even run one), they are not a quick fix to your preconception health.  


What I like about detoxes done right

Detoxes are a supported way to try a new way of eating.  Most detoxes have a meal plan or suggestions so you don’t have to hunt for new recipes to try.  Often, you have a community of people going through it with you.


Detoxes eliminate most inflammatory foods.  Eliminating these foods can give you a small glimpse of how you body reacts to certain things and help you start tuning into your body’s signals.  Reducing inflammation is an important step to get your body ready for conception.


Detoxes support your liver Detoxes that use a whole foods approach and are full of leafy greens, vegetables, lean proteins and good fats provide the support your liver and intestines need to eliminate toxins from your body.


What to look for:

Are you hydrated? Keeping hydrated on the detox is important to help you flush out any toxins which are ready to be eliminated.


Does the detox use whole foods?  Some detoxes like a juice cleanse or one that relies on a lot of powdered mixes is not supportive of the entire process of liver detoxification. When your liver does not complete the conversion process, those toxins can re-circulate in the body.


Are you limiting the toxins that go into your body?  A detox can be great way to focus on what you are eating, but if the detox does not also talk about limiting your exposure to environmental toxins, you are not going to see the most benefit.  To truly detox, we have to stop exposing our bodies to the chemicals in the first place. You can decrease your exposure by upgrading a personal care item, check out the Skin Deep Database at to see what’s in your product and find a replacement.


An important thing to know about detoxes, you cannot fully detox in a short period of time.  So while a short detox is a good jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle, if you go back to your old habits, the benefits will not last.


Detox should be part of longer process to get your body ready for pregnancy.  It takes about 3 months for an egg to mature and be released. By taking 3-6 months to make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, you will have the greatest impact on your health and the health of your baby.


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