Is Your Customer Journey Funnel Converting?

You have a great product, a sizeable community, and you're ready to see the $ roll in.

...but it hasn't, and any momentum you get slowly dies back down to next to nothing.

You need a Funnel Audit


Hey! I'm Caitlin!

I'm a fractional Chief Technical Officer, frequent spender, and friendly neighborhood systems critic.

I am as easy of a sell as anyone could ever be when it comes to buying from small businesses, but more often than not, I see some major fumbles that keep me from spending money.

From missing payment links, confusing workflows, illegible websites and accessibility components...I've seen it all, and bailed on them all.

Which is lame!  I already WANT to spend my money on you, Why not make it easy? But the better question is...How can you make it easy?

Lucky for you, I have All the Answers!

This is what your Customer Journey is Missing


Direction from a systems and tech expert to outline the missing pieces of your Customer Journey - from social media to website and branding, we're looking at everything your customer will touch.


Easy to use and easy to follow through systems for your consumers to quickly and easily buy-in, so you can Cash-Out!


Intuitive UX/UI so that your customers know how to find and buy your products from sales page, check-out page, and fulfillment

Here's What You Get for $40

  • One 10 Minute feedback video from Caitlin
  • Review of your Customer Journey from your social media platforms to check-out or application
  • Recommendations and resources to make impactful changes
  • A one page cheat sheet of changes to make in order of least effort and most impact

Even when your product or service is an easy yes, more often than not, potential buyers will bail because they've lost interest, lost clarity on the product, or got distracted from trying to find the checkout page and never came back (I may or may not fall victim to this..)


You've already surpassed the hardest part of sales, which is getting people to decide to buy - do NOT lose them on the way to taking out their credit card!

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